How to Launch the Password Cracker 1.1 Application?

Recently i have developed a simple password cracking tool and released as open source software.  Today let us see how to launch PasswordCracker 1.1(HashCodeCracker 1.1). 

How to use Password Cracker? 

Minimum Requirements:
JRE(Java run time Environment) 1.6 should be installed .

If you don’t have, get it from

Windows Users: 
Download the PasswordCracker1.1 exe from here
Double click the exe file, it will extract the Password Cracker Folder. You can find the HashCodeCracker.exe inside the folder.

Linux Users
Download the file from the
Extract the zip file.
Open the Terminal.
Navigate to the path of Extracted zip file (i mean HashCodeCracker Folder) in Terminal.
Type this command “java -jar HashCodeCracker.jar”.
Now the application will run.