“Hide The IP” best IP hiding software tool

Hacking Ip addressAs i said Internet is less secure medium, you have to hide your identity from intruders/attackers.( Using Internet, hackers can steal your confidential data like credit card number, bank account, facebook accounts.) One of the identity is IP address. When you visit website, it may store your IP Address . Using your IP address anyone hack your computer. So it is important to hide your IP address.

Today let me introduce a IP hiding software, named as “Hide the IP”

Hide the IP

Hide the IP is best IP hiding software. One simple click, your IP address will be hidden and show some fake IP address , surf anonymously over the internet. Now hackers can’t find your original IP address.

Features of Hide the IP

  • Select your physical Location: You can decide your region. Your IP will be set based on your country selection
  • Send Anonymously Mail: while sending email , your IP also included in Header section of mail. This “Hide The IP “software will hide IP in your mail header also.
  • Breaking restrictions: is your IP banned to register in any forums ? Some websites restricts certain country region. Using this software you can break the restrictions and register or visit websites
  • you can install in 2 computers. But you can not use simultaneously.

how it works?
when you run the application, it connects to their server and get the new and stable IP address.

There is three different plans(standard, professional, plantinum) .

Download trick version here
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