Hacking Facebook-Security Question Drawback

Facebook is the famous social network but they have some security holes.  Recently my friend told me that we can not change the Security Question of Facebook.  Once you create the security question, you can not change it again. 

 This is major security drawback of facebook. How they can do like this?  If someone hacked the victim face book account with their security question and they can able to login with security question means.  What the victim can do?

if you are already set the security question in your facebook account, your account is at risk.

if you didn’t set the security question, don’t set it. 

There is some solution for this.  You can protect your facebook from being hacked.  They provide some additional security now.  want to know what it is?  Wait for 1 day.  Tomorrow i am going to post the article about facebook account security.