How to enable “I am feeling lucky” in Mozilla Firefox 4 [SOLVED]

Recently i have started to use the Mozilla Firefox version 4.  There are some drawbacks in Firefox 4.  Let us see today about the “I am feeling lucky ” problem in Firefox 4.

 Firefox 3.6 “I am feeling lucky” Feature

         if i type the keywords in url bar, it will bring to the main websites (I am feeling lucky of the Google).   For example if i type as “break the security” in address  bar, it will bring to my website(
you got it?   Firefox use the I am feeling lucky function of google.

What is I am feeling lucky?
If you type the keyword in Google and click the “i am feeling lucky” button, it will automatically bring to the first page of Google search result

Firefox 4 doe not support for “I am feeling lucky”
      The problem with Firefox 4 is that it does not support “I am feeling lucky”.  If you type the keyword in address bar, it will bring to searching result of Google. 

How to Solve this Problem?
      Today i found this trick from mozilla home page.  so i am here to post this article for sharing this tips with you also.

Mozilla Tricks Step 1:
Just open the Firefox 4 and type the following text in the addressbar.


It will show you some warning message.  Accept the warning message.

Step 2:
Search for the “keyword.url”

Step 3:
Double click the Keyword.url.  It will prompt to enter the value.  Enter the following url into the box.

Click ok. 

Step 4:
Now type the keyword in the address bar and enjoy the “I am feeling lucky ” feature.