What is Brute Force Cracking Attack?|Cracking HASH passwords

Hi friends, If you don’t know about cracking encrypted or ciphered data using Brute Force attack,this article will help you to gain much knowledge about the Brute Force attack.  

What is Brute Force attack?
     Brute force attack is one of the password cracking method. In this method we are not decrypting the passwords.  Instead  we are trying to crack the password by comparing different combination of characters (all  possible keys) with hash code. 

How ?
   Let us assume the password length is 3. we have characters set(abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789) excluding the special characters.

The Number of  Permutation takes to crack the password:
    For first character :upper case letters(26 )+Lower Case Letters(26)+10 Numbers =62
Likewise for second and third character we have 62 different ways.
So the total permutation to produce different keys is =62*62*62=238328 ways.

If you include the special characters in character set,then the permutation to crack the password will increase.

The main problem with Brute force attack :
     If the password length is small,then it will be cracked in small amount of time.  This method will take too longer time to crack lengthy passwords.  It can take several hours, days ,months ,years.
The time depending upon the two factors :
Password Length
Upper case and lower case letter combinations. 


For Hackers:
Hope you understand about brute force attack,also the drawback of this method.  You can take advantage if the password is simple and small in length.

For Security needers
If you really want to secure your account from hackers, then use the Strong password.  Don’t know how to create the strong passwords ?  no need to worry,read this How to create Strong Passwords?|security Tips