List and save the directory’s name in text file|Computer Tricks

The Fastest Way of searching the directory in windows-Computer Tips

This computer trick will save the all sub directory and file names in text file.  This may helpful to analyse the direcotry(you can know what are the contents inside the window without browsing by simple commands).

Step 1:
First of all open command Prompt.
Step 2:
Browse to folder which you want to analyze the sub directories and files by using cd commands. For Example if you want to visit d:/interview folder then
try this command.
Type “d:”
then “cd interview”.
Step 3:

after navigate to direcotry in command prompt,
Type this command :

dir *.* /s /b > dirlist.txt

and hit enter.
This will list all sub directories and files with their extension.

If you want to list only pdf files just use this command

dir *.pdf /s /b > dirlist.txt

Likewise, if you want to search only microsoft word files then use this command.

dir *.doc /s /b > dirlist.txt

If you want to search and list only files that has some certain name. For example, Resume.doc then try this command

dir Resume.* /s /b > dirlist.txt
dir Resume.doc /s /b > dirlist.txt

Step 4:
you can find the dirlist.txt file in that directory. i mean it will d:/interview directory.

Step 5:
open the text file in notepad or notepad++ ,then search your desired file name or folder(for example “resume”),you will get the full path to the file. This is fastest search than the usual windows search.

Time is important. Don’t waste your time, use this computer trick to search the drive or folder faster.

Hope you understand the trick. This is fastest way of browsing the folder . if you have any doubts ,feel free to ask me. I will answer if i am able to. Don’t spam!