Google Brings 2 Step Authentication for its product ,gmail

Google Just launched the two-factor authentication.

Are you hacker? Even though you know the user name and password of victims, you can not log in to their account. Yes..!!! google provides two step security for google products.

Most of users use only normal and week passwords for gmail.  It is easy to hack the accounts if the password is not strong.  But now …!!!! Eventhough your password is not strong, hackers can not hack the accounts.  Do you know why?  Google provides advanced level of security for their customers.
It is known as Two Factor Authentication. 

Step 1:

Step 2:

I hope you understand the 2 step verification process from above diagram itself.

What is 2 step verification?

  1. When you want to access Google products from your browser, go to that product and enter your username and password. 
  2. You’ll next be prompted to enter your verification code, which you’ll get from your phone. You’ll only have to do this once every 30 days if you so choose.  
  3. Soon after you turn on 2-step verification, non-browser applications and devices that use your Google Account (such as Gmail on your phone or Outlook), will stop working. You’ll then have to sign in using your username and a special password you generate for this application. (Don’t worry, you’ll only have to do this once for each device or application.)

What you’ll need

While 2-step verification requires some web savvy, you only need a few basic items:

  1. A phone that is usually available to you when you sign in. This could be:
    • A standard phone (landline or mobile)
    • Any Android device, BlackBerry device, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that can run the Google Authenticator application
  2. A backup phone that you can use if you lose access to your primary phone. This could be:
    • A work or home phone (landline or mobile)
    • The phone of someone you trust, like a friend or family member.

How to get started

So you’re ready to make your account more secure? The next step is to see if your account is eligible for 2-step verification yet. To do this, go to your Accounts settings page new window and look for the Using 2-step verification link. If you have the link, you can click it and start the setup process.
If you do not see the link:

  • 2-step verification might not be enabled for your account yet. Please be patient – all Google Accounts should be enabled soon.
  • If you are a Google Apps user, your domain administrator might not have enabled it for your domain. Check with your domain administrator to find out.
  • If you are a Google Apps user, you might have to access the 2-step verification setup through a special URL. new window

ManageAccount settings page

for more details: