Negative indicating Postive-My Experience

few months ago I had lot of pains in my heart because of many reasons.   I thought that bad things only happening in my life.  I am vexed.

Now only i realized that those negative things pointing me to positive things.  I got better than what i lost. 

With My experience:
If negative things happening in your life,then be happy.  Because you are going to get better than what you lost.  But you have to find what negative thing pointing to.
What i am trying to say is that change your negative to positive.

For eg:
If you are addicted computer,it may be negative for your life.   Try  to use the computer such that it can be helpful for your life also.

In hacking point of view:
we(hackers) may be look as negative or bad thing to people.  But the fact is that we are pointing the drawbacks so that security will be improved.

Be a Ethical Hacker and point out the security holes. 

Sorry about my english.  I am not well in english