How you are getting large number of spam mail ? Know why

Are you getting lot of spam mails to your inbox?  Do you know why it comes to your mail? The mistake is yours only.  Because of you only you are getting larger number of spam.  How you responsible for that? Go ahead to know what is your mistake.

Spam Mail Definition:
Also known as junk mail.  Sending large number of identical message to numerous recipients .   Advertisers ,merchants sends large number of mail to recipients for advertising purpose using softwares and some websites.

How they get your email id?
They get your mail id because of your mistakes only.

Social Networking Sites:
Most of you use social networking sites daily.  I won’t say using social networking sites is bad.  But sending request or accepting stranger is one of the major reason for getting spam mail.  Advertisers will gain your weakness.  If you are blindly accepting the request means, spam mail will be definitely in your mail. Sometimes they get your phone number and send advertisement to your mobile or some other communication sources.

What you have to do?
Apply privacy setting for your contact information.  Don’t accept the request from strangers(in order to attract you they may send you request like a girl).

Online Games and contests:
Some websites tell you that they will give prize if you win in the online game.  This is also one of the reason for getting spam mail.

Job /Career websites:
Job offering websites is the major reason for getting spam mail.  But some website sell your mail to advertisers.  This will result in spam.

Like i said for social networking site, in forum also you have to consider the privacy settings.
Select “Don’t show mail and Don’t receive mail from members” so that you can avoid of getting spam mails.

Mail Searching:
Advertisers(spammers) search for mail id in internet using some softwares(like )
If you are webmaster ,you may give contactus link with
Spammers  can find your mail id if you give the mail id plainly like this.

  • Use 123 contact forms for hiding your mail id.
  • or show mail id like this : mailid[at]domain[dot]com
  • Use mail Badge Image(i mean show your mail id as image).

Overall suggestion:
Use two mail id.  One is for contributing in online.  Other one is personal.