Download Free movies,videos,tv shows from graboid

Using this software you can lot of free movies,videos,tv shows for free

Download the Software from here:

After installing the software ,open the application.  You can view the create account and login button.(will look like messenger softwares).  Create account .  You will notice your bandwidth restriction, and your account will expire in a month, when you have to buy a subscription.

After one month your account will expire.  You can not create new account also.

But you can hack using this Batch Script:

cd %appdata%
del MozillaControl /F /q
cd “%LOCALAPPDATA%Graboid_Inc”
del *.* /F /q

Copy the code to notepad
Save the file with .bat extension(for eg crack.bat)
Run the batch file.

Now you can see the new account creation in graboid. Create new account and start to use it.

If you getting problem in creating account,use any ip hiding tools.