Windows 7 Tips -Know what is basic

Now Windows 7 become very famous operating system. Because of its look,features and more. Some users may not know some windows 7 tricks. For those peoples this article will help to know the basic features of Windows 7 and how to use it.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Using the mouse, you can drag and drop the window on either side of the screen, or drag it to the top of the maximization.
These will be faster to use keyboard shortcuts:

Win + Win + left arrow and right arrow to place the window to the left and right of the screen.

Win + Up Arrow and Down Arrow to maximize and restore / minimize.

Win + M Minimize all.

Alt + Up Arrow, Alt + left arrow, Alt + right arrow to the upper folder, or back and forward browse folders.

Win + Home minimize / restore all open windows, in addition to the active window.

Rearrangement in the system tray icon

You can rearrange the taskbar icon to start the program task bar before the ten new (or switch running) example of using Win +1, Win +2, etc.Special thing is that you can also rearrange the system tray icon in the tray, or reorder them out of the back tray. Control that you always want attention, need to be notified of the application.

Add any folder to Favorites

You can add any of the library or folder to the Windows Explorer, the Favorites section. To add a folder in Explorer, go to it, in the left navigation panel, right-click Favorites, select the current location to your favorites. Now you can all the files -> Save As dialog box, quick access to favorite folder.

To create a keyboard shortcut application

In Windows 7, any application you can create a shortcut key. Right-click the program icon and select Properties. Select the shortcut tab, click on the shortcut keys to set the keyboard shortcut for the program.

View the extended ‘Send to’ menu

When the right-click a folder while holding down the Shift, can be extended to the Send To menu.

From the Start menu search

Enable the use of default browser from the Start menu search function. Run in the Start menu search box, ‘GPEDIT.MSC’, open the Local Group Policy Editor. In the left panel, go to User Configuration – “Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar. In the right pane, right-click edit and enable the search Internet link to the Start menu.