How to use the Axcrypt for encryption?

In my last i gave you details about Axcrypt.  In this post i am going to guide you how to encrypt the file using Axcrypt software.

Download the Axcrypt from here:

If the above link is not working then try this:

Install the Axcrypt.

After Installation:
Right click on the file or folder which you want to lock.
Select Axcrypt option.
Then select Encrypt.

Now enter the Password or Key whatever you call.
Click ok.

Now you can see the icon is changed for the file or folder.
In order to open or modify you need to enter the password.

Right click on the encrypted file or folder
Select Axcrypt option
Then Select Decrypt.
Now Enter the  Password to decrypt(password,which you gave while doing encryption).
That’s all.

Screen Shot Tutorial For Reference:
This is un experienced users of windows. Here i will give the screen shot how to do it.
For Encryption:

For Decryption: