How to Hack the My space account

If you like to hack some one’s my space account ,then you came to right place.  There are two easy methods for you.

  • Keylogger
  • Phishing

Keylogger is spyware .  Keylogger will monitor the every keystroke of your victim and send the keystrokes to you.   So whenever your victim login in my space,you can easily find what password he is typing.  The special thing about keylogger is easy to use for un experienced users also.  There is hardware keylogger .

Read about Elite Keylogger
Read about Hardware Keylogger

The another method is Phishing. Phishing is creating fake page for the original page of the website.  you want to hack the myspace account.  so you need to create the fake page for the my space account.  Ask your victim to visit.  There are lot of steps to follow in order to fool your victim.

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