How to download torrent in Firefox ?

Firefox Browser with its addons can make almost anything possible. For Torrent Downloading, we use different external standalone Torrent clients. However, Firefox plugin called Firetorrent makes it possible to download and manage your torrent files right from FirefoxBrowser window.

What are FireAddons?
Addons are what set Firefox apart from other browsers. Instead of accepting the features the browser vendor has seen fit to offer, Firefox users can customize their browser with a near infinite variety of extensions, themes and plugins.

With FireAddons, Firetorrent are committed to providing a wide range of top-quality Firefox addons to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. Why wait for downloads when you can download up to ten times faster with FireDownload? Why install and configure a separate BitTorrent client when you download torrent files right in your browser with FireTorrent? Other extensions like FireTray and FireSearch bring power and convenience to your browsing experience.