How to Hide any Drive using command prompt

You can hide the command Prompt using command prompt. 

What is the use?
    Hide your important Personal drive.  So whenever third person or your friend uses your computer,they won’t know there is know hidden drive.  So you can hide a file from a third person.

How to do?
Just follow my steps to hide the drive.

Step 1:
Open the command prompt. (start->All programs->accessories->cmd)
Type as


and hit Enter

Step 2:
  Now type as

list volume

This will list the available volume.

Step  3:
Now we need to select the drive . so use this command “select volume volume_no”
replace the volume_no in this command with ‘###’ value of  drive which you want to hide.

 For eg:
I am going to hide the E drive.  ### no for E drive is 2.  so the command is

select volume 2

Step 4:
Type as “remove letter drive_lettter”
Replace the drive_letter your drive letter which you want to hide.
I am going to hide E drive ,so

remove letter E

Now your drive will be hidden

type “exit” to exit from the Diskpart.

Step 5:
To make your drive to visible
follow the 1,2,3 steps.
then type as “assign letter drive_letter”
Replace the drive_letter with your drive letter.

I am going to make my E drive visible.

assign letter E

Type exit and hit enter to exit from the diskpart