Get the List of Open Ports in Windows

We know that  typeing netstat -a in command prompt will shows the amount of traffic on the network.

  Currports is a light weight and portable application which lists all the open ports and remote connections with

  • Process Name
  • Process ID
  • Protocol
  • Local port
  • Local Address
  • Remote Port
  • Remote Address
  • Remote Host Name
  • Process path
  • Process Services etc.

The good thing is that you get detailed information about all the web traffic, to which programs traffic is bound to, the current open ports, protocol (TCP/UDP) etc. If you suspect any unusual network activity, you can close unwanted TCP connections and kill the process that opened the ports. It supports IPv6 ports and can generate reports in HTML and XML file formats for debugging.

Download CurrPorts: (61.9 KB, 32-bit Win) (81.6 KB, 64-bit Win)