Facebook Chatting Hack | Use like Google Talk

Today i am giving to guide to hack the facebook chatting option such that we can use it as gtalk by placing it in sidebar.  So follow my steps in order to do that.

1. Login to Your Facebook Account.

2. After you log in to your account, go to

    The Page will look this:

           I strike the names of my friends for security reason

3.Now right click on the page and select Bookmark this page.
Bookmark the page with any name.

4.Now Select Book mark from Menu bar.
Your bookmark name will be there
I gave the bookmark name as “Facebook|Facebook Chat ” .  So it is available in bookmark menu as :

5. Right click on that Bookmark.
and Select Properties ,a small property will open like this:

6.Check the “Load this bookmark in this sidebar”

Then click “Save” button.

7. Now open the Bookmark.  I mean go to Bookmarks menu in Menu bar and click your bookmark.

A sidebar will be loaded in your browser for chatting.  Now you can browse to any other sites as well as you can chat with your friends in sidebar like this:

Start to enjoy the facebook chatting

      Little Thanks will make be happy .