Delete all temporary files by simple click|Batch Programming


Today I am going to guide you to create a Batch Program to delete all unwanted temporary files from your temp folder.  

1.Copy this code :

ECHO This Batch File deletes all unwanted Temporary files from your
system ECHO Now we go to the Windowstemp directory.
cd %temp%
ECHO Deleting unwanted temporary files….
del *.tmp
ECHO Your System is Now Clean

2.Paste in Notepad
3.Now save the file with “.bat” extenstion for eg: tempdel.bat
4. That’s all finished
5.Whenever you like to delete temporary files. simply Double click the bat file. 

   If you want batch program to delete any other files in directory. Simple Ask me. I will help you to do that.

   Having doubts or want to say thanks? jus leave comment in this post