C program and how to compile it.

Hackers should have at least basic knowledge about programming.  Plenty of hackers choose python as their first language. Thought it is good scripting language, i would suggest you to start from a solid programming language. So, the best one is C Programming. You may not be using the C Programming to code in future, but it will help you to understand many interesting concept in advanced hacking.

How to compile c program?
If you are user windows user, download “Turbo c ” compiler (or Dev C++ -> will be useful in the future) and install. it.

Now open the tc.exe in the folder “c:tcbin”

Select New in File Menu of the turbo c editor.

and type your coding .

save it with “.c” extension Like hello.c

press alt+f9

Create exe file:
press f9

Run :

Compiling in Linux – GCC:

Make sure you have installed gcc in your system. It is very easy to compile the code in gcc.

Save the file with .c or .cpp extension

Then run the following command

gcc -o OutputFileName YourSrcFilename.c

To run the code: