Google Brings 2 Step Authentication for its product ,gmail

Google Just launched the two-factor authentication. Are you hacker? Even though you know the user name and password of victims, you can not log in to their account. Yes..!!! google provides two step security for google products. Most of users use only normal and week passwords for gmail.  It is easy to hack the accounts […]

Just For Fun Javascripts in Mozilla Firefox-Edit any websites

In my last post , i gave you three javascript for mozilla. You can edit any websites by this javascript(don’t think you are editing in server, you are just editing in mozilla only). You can change the homepage name to your name. whatever you like to do. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’;document.designMode=’on’;void 0 Visit any websitePaste the above code […]

Funny Javascripts in Mozilla Firefox-Interesting Post

Hi Friends, So far i explain hacking tactics and how to prevent from hacking and more internet tricks and tips.  This post is for entertainment.  Enjoy the post and reply your comments about this funny post. Open your Mozilla Firefox.Open New tab.Trick1-I really enjoyed this trick when i come to know: Copy the following code and […]