List of High Page rank Dofollow Blogs collected by BTS ~ SEO Tricks,March 2012

Hi blogger friends, are you searching for dofollow blogs to get backlinks? Here is list of dofollow blogs collected by me. Verified all blogs manually; They are 100% dofollow blogs. Please don’t post spam comments; verified by me ================== List of  dofollow blogs(verified): ==================Pagerank 5 Blog: PR 4: http://www.breakthesecurity.comhttp://www.netchunks.com PR 3: http://www.ehackingnews.com pr2: www.ssfavorites.blogspot.comhttp://www.notafanatic.com […]

Google dork “Index of /sh3llZ” allows you to find shell uploaded by hackers

Usually hackers upload shell to victim’s site using the vulnerability in that website. Shell allows hackers to hack/deface the website. Sometimes hackers left the shell in the vulnerable sites.  Here is simple google search allows you to find a shell uploaded by hackers. Use one of the following google dork to find the shell: intitle:index […]

Complete Cross site Scripting(XSS) cheat sheets : Part 1

We are producing this XSS Cheat sheet after collecting the codes from hackers’ techniques and different sites especially .  This is complete list of XSS cheat codes which will help you to test xss vulnerabilities ,useful for bypassing the filters.  If you have any different cheat codes , please send your code. Basic XSS […]

The 3 Most Vulnerable Technologies of 2012

Technology races forward faster and faster, becoming more sophisticated and better serving the world every second.  Unfortunately, as technology improves and makes life easier, hackers and other cyber-criminals who attack against security also grow more sophisticated, devising new and more sinister ways to break into our systems and wreak havoc from afar. No matter how […]