What are the Risks of using Proxy Servers?

We are using Proxy Server in order to Protect your Privacy.  But sometimes this proxy can be danger for your Privacy and Confidential data.  Here I listed the risks of Proxy servers.

Confidential Data at a Risk:

I hope you read my article about How the proxy server is working ? While using Proxy IP Address, your personal information passes through Proxy Servers.  Owner of Proxy  can steal your Confidential Data(like Credit Card details, Email accounts…), if he wants.  Do not ever do banking transactions using a proxy server if you do not know who owns the proxy site.


Some Malicious Proxy can bring you to fake webpage(Phishing webpage). So your account can be hijacked.

Some websites hate :

Some proxy servers IP are banned in certain websites. So you will not be able to access those websites using this proxy. This is not a risk though.

Your Computer may infected by Malwares.