How to detect Firesheep- Blacksheep Mozilla Addon(AntiFiresheep)

I hope you read this article about How to Hack Facebook Using Firesheep in WI-FI?.
This blog is mainly concerned with Computer and Network Security, right?. So Let us see how to detect how to detect the Firesheep usage.

Who is the blacksheep?

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What is Blacksheep?
Blacksheep is Mozila addon detects whether intruder is stealing your Session using the firesheep. A Mozilla Add on against the Firesheep, we can call it as AntiFiresheep.

How does Blacksheep works?

BlackSheep will generate ‘fake’ session ID on the wire and then monitors traffic to see if it has been hijacked.

While Firesheep is largely passive, once it identifies session information for a targeted domain, it then makes a subsequent request to that same domain, using the hijacked session information in order to obtain the name of the hijacked user along with an image of the person, if available.

It is this request that BlackSheep identifies in order to detect the presence of Firesheep on the network. When identified, the user will be receive the following warning message:

What developer said about Blacksheep?

“BlackSheep is a Firefox add-on, that detects the active connection made by Firesheep. It does this by making HTTP requests to random sites handled by FireSheep every 5 minutes (configurable) with fake values. BlackSheep then listens to all HTTP requests on the network to detect if somebody else is using the same fake values.“

  • Firefox: 3.5 or newer. 32-bit only.
  • Mac OS X: 10.5 or newer on an Intel processor.
  • Windows: XP or newer. Install Winpcap first!
  • Linux : How to install in Linux

Where i can get Blacksheep add on?

Here is the link:

Video Demo:

If you want to know how to use this mozilla add on, then this video demo will help you.

You can not run install both Firesheep and Blacksheep in same Firefod machine. Developer says “It shares same type of code”. So you have to create a new Firefox Profile.
How to create new Firefox Profile?

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