How to watch the Adult videos in Youtube without login?

Hi friends, Is your age lesser than the 18? are you eager to see adult videos in youtube.  This trick will help you to watch the adult videos without login.

Usually youtube allow to see the adult videos after verifying the age by log in.  But the funny thing about the you tube is that they won’t use session . After you login,they simple redirect to another url.  But if we find that url we can directly go to that url and can see.

How to find that hidden url?
Don’t worry …!! i am here to help you.  You don’t need to search for the hidden url.  Another funny thing about is that there is common structure for that hidden url.  So it is easy to find that url.

Step 1:
Search for your adult videos.
 The common url structure for the   adult videos.

For reference let’s take this url videos as example:

So our video code in this example is  cDXvX9IJeVs

Step 2:
The second step is finding the hidden url.
The common structure for hidden url is :

So Replace the  VideoCode in above url with our vidoe code.

our video code in this example is  cDXvX9IJeVs 

so The hidden url is : ?fs=1&

Enjoy the adult videos without verifying the age…!!!cheers.!!!
What a funny youtube..!!!?