How to clean the Process in RAM using Notepad?

All of us know about RAM is important for system.  RAM is known as Random Access Memory(temporary memory for system).  RAM stores data or process which are running currently now.  But the stored data will be alive until the system is turned on.  Once you turned off the system data will be erased from system.

This is one of the part that decide the speed of the system.  Because program are stored in RAM then only transfer to processor.  So if the RAM is big in size, the process will fast.  If you want to great speed ,you can buy high capacity RAMs.

Here is the trick to use your low capacity RAM  efficiently.  As i told the program will stored in RAM temporarily.  But sometime unwanted process will stored in RAM.  We need to remove or clean that process from Memory.  I am going to give you the simple Visual Basic Script (vbs) code.


  • copy this to notepad.
  • Save with .vbs extension (for eg: ramclean.vbs).
  • Whenever you want to clean the RAM memory.
  • Double click the file.