Hide Confidential data inside image files

We know that internet is insecure medium .  I have explained about this in introduction about cryptography.  If you don’t know about cryptography,then read the Introduction to Cryptography.
As i told intruders can steal your information.  If you like to send confidential data,we should use Cryptography. 

There is one drawback about cryptography i.e.,intruders know that you are sending encrypted message.  So he will try to decrypt it. 

To overcome this drawback,the Steganography is introduced.  Steganography is part of Cryptography.  In which we will hide the confidential data inside text,image,videos files.

Later i will explain about stegnanography now i give the text hiding inside image tool.

Download it from here:


 Use this tool to hide the text inside image.  Set password for text .