A list of Mozilla Firefox’s Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys Action
CTRL+A slects the all items on active page
CTRL+B Display the “Organize Bookmarks” dialog box
CTRL+D Include the active page to your Bookmarks list
CTRL+F Display the “Find” dialog box to search text
CTRL+I Display the Bookmarks pane
CTRL+H Display the History sidebar of Mozilla Firefox
CTRL+N Use to open new Mozilla Firefox page
CTRL+P Use to print the active web page
CTRL+R Use to reload the active web page
CTRL+T Display a new Tab in active Firefox window
CTRL+U View the source code of active web page
CTRL+W Closes the active Mozilla Firefox window
CTRL++ Use to increase the font size of active page
CTRL+ – Use to decrease the font size of active page
CTRL+Tab Move to next Tab in Mozilla Firefox
ALT+Home Use to open the home page of internet explorer
ALT+Left Arrow Go to previous page of active page
ALT+Right Arrow Go to next page of active page
ALT+B Go to Mozilla Firefox Favorites Menu
ALT+D Go to address bar of current Firefox page
ALT+E Go to Mozilla Firefox Edit Menu
ALT+F Go to Mozilla Firefox File Menu
ALT+S Go to Mozilla Firefox History Menu
ALT+T Go to Mozilla Firefox Tools Menu
ALT+V Go to Mozilla Firefox View Menu
Tab Move forward between all items on active web page
F5 Refresh the active web page
F7 F7 activate the cursor to move with keyboard
CTRL+SHIFT+DEL Use to clear all Private Data history
CTRL+SHIFT+D Use to Bookmarks all Firefox Tabs
F11 Press F11 key to view any webpage in full-screen view and then again press for normal view.
Press Ctrl+Enter Windows will automatically add both “www” and “.com”. For example, if we type google in an address bar and then press Ctrl-Enter,Windows will take us to the ……….. www.google.com
Press Shift+Enter Windows will automatically add both “www” and “.net”
Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter Windows will automatically add both “www” and “.org”