How to protect Your USB Drive From Virus by using Dummy File

Major Problem:
The main source which cause to spread the virus is our Pen Drive other than the Internet.  When we insert our Pen drive in any other system, the malicious softwares(worm,virus,…) will copy them itself to your folder.  No matter whatever you do,you can not stop the infection of malicious softwares when insert your pen drive in infected system.

How to prevent that?

So Here is simple and most effective Hack to protect your Pen drive from infection.

      The main concept of this trick is to fill the Pen drive space with file so that no other files(malicious softwares) can not be to your Pen Drive. 

To fill the Pen drive space what you need to do,  are you need to copy the lot of files to your pen Drive?  or copy a big size file?

The answer is that you don’t need to above things in order to fill the Pen drive Space.  At the same time you can not fill the Pen drive space completely. 

Then What should you do?
 Follow my steps:

Step 1:
Download this file.

Step 2:
Extract the zip file.  There will be a file “usbdummyprotect.exe”.  Copy the file to your USB.

Step 3:
Whenever you bring your pen drive to outside place click the EXE file.  It will create a dummyfile.txt

The dummyfile.txt will occupy the Pen drive memory.  So it will  prevent from virus copied to your Pen drive.   If you like to un infected files to your pen drive then deltete the dummyfile.txt