How to Crack the RAR Files with the “RAR PASSWORD CRACKER”

This is detailed tutorail to use “RAR PASSWORD CRACKER” software.  Instatll the Rar Password Cracker software.

Opne the “RAR password cracker wizard”
Select “Create New project ” and click next button

Now click the “Load RAR archieves” button
select your RAR file

Now click the “add to project ” button..

Now click the Next button
Select using method you want to crack
There are two methods :

  • Brute Force Attack  (substitution method with possible keys)
  • Dictionary attack    (determining some text and find the original data)

Select Brute Force Attack Method and click the Next
Now fill the form as shown in the following image.

click the next button and save the project .

It will show the decrypted password.