1. Open your browser (ex. Mozilla Firefox).
2. Redirect to this site (http://www.samair.ru/proxy/fresh-proxy-list.htm).
3. Choose your category (ex. Socks).
4. Now find the IP of your choice and the port (keep it for later use).

5. If on FireFox -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Connection -> Settings -> Now tick ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’ -> Put your IP and port in empty field and check the box under the field.
6. You’re done! Enjoy your 100% anonymous browsing.

Useful Links:

     Proxies – http://www.samair.ru
Fresh Proxy List – http://www.samair.ru/proxy/fresh-proxy-list.htm
Proxy List Sorted By Time – http://www.samair.ru/proxy/time-01.htm
Socks – http://www.samair.ru/proxy/socks.htm
Check if you’re anonymous – http://checker.samair.ru/

Useful VPN softwares  (IP hiders)

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