Explorer.exe File

This is simplest windows xp trick only. Let you first know what explorer.exe.


An executable windows module that contains desktop ,file manager, taskbar. When system is turned on, it will automatically start to process.

Now Let us see the process of explore.exe in practical. Follow these steps

  • open task manager(alt+ctrl+del)
  • select the process tab
  • Find explorer.exe file
  • Right click on explorer and click end process
  • Now see what happen to your desktop. It just showing nothing rather than the task manager. From above result, you can conclude that explorer is maintaining the display of desktop and performing the display of file manager.
    Do not worry , you can start the process of explorer.exe in manual.

  • in task manager select file menu. And select new process
  • enter in the form as “explorer.exe”(without quotes).
  • now you can see, desktop with taskabar and icons and file manager.